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Many of us know the Cloud as never ending space for storage of all kinds of files. Very well-known are solutions for photos and of course typical business files like text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. But the Cloud can do more, a lot more. Scan+Store is a great example how to use software straight from the Cloud. And this does not mean simple file download and a setup.exe file.

The European ECM specialist and distributor DICOM offers a free of charge service on their website, which integrates a professional scan application on any Windows PC.


Scan+Store – click to enlarge

After a one time installation of an approximately 8 MByte browser applet you get the most current feature set for all comon scan tasks. Scan+Store is a new fast, friendly and free web-based scanning app that offers you the ease and convenience of scanning with any TWAIN compliant device, and the ability to save them in JPG, PDF, TIFF or ZIP format. This will drive a small scanner in your home office, but equally well a professional high end scanner.

The attached image on the right shows that the scan process and by this the saving of files actually happens on the PC and not in the Cloud. No files are uploaded to the Cloud, but the scan app running in your browser is provided from the Cloud.

The app, R&D and support is provided by CumulusPro. The user will always work with the latest version of the app, while there is no need to update at all.


Of course, the big advantage is that the service is completely free, no need for credit cards, registration or login. Instead you get the latest in scanning technology.  The only requirement is to install the current TWAIN driver for the attached scanner (TWAIN drivers are typically provided for free from the scanner vendor’s website. TWAIN only works on Windows PC’s, that is why Scan+Store currently only supports MS Windows). This way any PC can be turned into a professional scan station within minutes.

What’s next?

Scan+Store is a solution to create and store images on your PC or in your LAN. But CumulusPro did not stop here and launched a second product in the mean time – Scan+Share. Now you can even store all files in Cloud services like Google Drive and Evernote. Check it out on DICOM’s website.

Most important CumulusPro offers a completely new way to integrate state of the art technology into business processes. Scanning applications used to be provided on physical CD’s or DVD’s, lately often as download from web shops. The Scan+ products take a very different path. Only the items you need (or maybe in the future the items you bought as a service) are loaded. And they are loaded every time you launch your Scan+ application so there is no need to update your software.


During the DMS Expo in Germany we took a video of a live demo by CumulusPro’s CEO Giulio Battistini (German language):


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