Digital addiction? Take a break and “Pause”

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Who wouldn’t agree? Using a smartphone is not just cool, but also time consuming. We are always ‘on’, always surfing the Web, checking emails, posting on Facebook, taking pictures and then post them on Twitter, checking WhatsApp.

And then there are the latest news. What’s happening in the world of IOS/Android? How about some rumours on Internet security?

STOP!!!Pause - start the real

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet some ‘real’ friends? Read a book, cook a meal, talk with your friends – disconnect from the digital to reconnect to the real …

And this is the idea behind ‘Pause’ – start the real.

The app is available for IOS and Android. It measures the time the smartphone is offline. Only the time while being in ‘Airplane Mode’ is what counts.

Easy to use

This is how it works:

  • Use the slider to set the amount of time you want to Pause
  • Choose the activity you will be doing instead of staring at your phone
  • Finish by going to Settings and activating your phone’s ‘Airplane Mode’

‘Pause’ uses a ranking system so you can compete and compare the amount of time you spend looking at the world beyond a touchscreen.

What’s next?

Pause Together – Invite your friends to pause with you simultaneously

“Pause” is available for free. Check it out:

Apple App Store Google Play Store

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