Mobile devices change the way we live

| 14. June 2013 | 0 Comments

There is no doubt mobile devices changed the way we live in a big way. And these massive changes came within less than 10 years.

But it is not just about games all over or Facebook wherever you are. The growth of small yet powerful computers in everyones pocket also open opportunities to build helpful solutions.

Of course technology could solve many problems for years, but sometimes there is no focus on creating a solution because the target group for it was too small or divers. On the other hand possible technical solutions sometimes are simply too expensive to make them affordable for those who would need them.

The new generation of mobile devices start to eliminate these boundaries. They are affordable, they are small enough to always be with us, and they are powerful computers. And the worldwide ecosystem for apps enable developers to make some money with their solutions.

This brings solutions to places and people in the world where a few years ago it was simply impossible to get to and absolutely not affordable for those who need them.

Here is a great video made by Apple, which describes what currently happens around the globe, where mobile devices make a change. Maybe Apple might be leading, but in general this should be true for any mobile device.

So it seems that mobile devices already made the world a better place 😉


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