Part 3: Annotations with Evernote Skitch

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Paper … always there

Approximately 100 b.c. paper was invented in China. In the US they figured out that nowadays the average office worker uses around 10,000 paper sheets per year. Paper is something we seem to not be able to live without. And with paper there came certain work processes we got used to.

Notes are quickly made on paper, even documents that were originally created on a PC get printed out and people make further notes on this piece of paper. And by this the annual paper usage is still increasing!

But independent from the enormous usage, documents based on paper do not fit very well in todays business needs.

How can you make a document available to multiple colleagues? How do you involve colleagues who live in different cities to participate in your (paper based) thoughts?

The electronic document

Of course the answer is a digital document. But even with modern technology at hand to digitize paper documents or easy ways to transmit digital documents … we still stick to our habits.

Evernote makes it easy to create electronic documents and to share them. But with an additional app you can continue to work on a digital document the way you are used to with paper. It is all about Evernote Skitch.

Evernote Skitch

Evernote Skitch opens a document and then allows to add markers and annotations, just as you are used from working with paper documents. And there are plenty of ways to create documents no matter if you want to create a new document, use an existing PDF file, a web site, maps, a photo or any kind of screenshot.

All your annotations are immediately available within Evernote and you can even store the file in a different place or share it by email.

See this video to get a better idea.


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