Part 2: Copies of paper documents

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Copy machines – that was yesterday

Ever heard this before? “Do you mind if I make a copy of this document?”

But instead of making copies documents can be digitized within seconds and then be stored in Evernote. In this article we will show you how to do this.

with a Smartphone

Smartphone Seitenkamera

To store the document as a picture you need to start by creating a new Evernote note. Then you need to choose the camera symbol. (Part 1: Evernote Notes)

  • Evernote allows to store photos right from the Smartphone. So it is possible to take a picture of the document and store it in straight into Evernote.
  • But Evernote also allows to take pictures in a different, special way. Instead of ‘Photo’ choose ‘document’.
    Evernote will now show a frame and you should try to take the picture of the document within this frame. Afterwards Evernote will use an algorithm to automatically detect the borders of the document and straighten the edges and corners to create a proper electronic document. Therefore it is helpful to use a background with good contrast versus the document. So if you take a picture of a white piece of paper put it on a dark table.
    ‘Document’ is the best choice to digitize and store paper documents.

The different results become very visible in this video. (Sorry, English video not yet available.)

with a Scanner

Depending on the scanner you use there might be different ways to run it with Evernote. In our case we used a Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500.

  • Smartphone mit ScannerThe typical way would be to connect the scanner to a PC. With a ScanSnap IX500 you can even connect that scanner wireless to a PC and of course by USB. Once the scanner is connected, either with or without cable, the scanning process can be started by just pushing a button on the scanner without touching the PC at all. The scanner driver will detect the scanned documents and, if set up this way, automatically store them in Evernote. This is very fast and convenient.
    By all means, using a scanner connected to a PC/Mac is the fastest and most reliable way to digitize documents. And in case OCR is needed this is only possible with a PC/Mac (if you want to store the OCR’ed text with the image).
  • A less known way to scan documents is to run the scanner right from the mobile device. There are apps available to run the ScanSnap IX500 in the same wireless network as the mobile device. After launching the app you can start scanning right away (see our English video here).
    The scanned documents are temporarily stored on the device and you can then forward them to straight into Evernote.

The video will show you what that looks like and how easy it is to run a scanner. (Sorry, English video not yet available.)

Our suggestion: ScanSnap IX500

Fujitsu IX500 @ Amazon

IX500 @ Amazon

This are four different ways to get paper documents easily into Evernote. Especially when using a mobile device digitizing documents into Evernote is very similar to manually creating a note.

Modern scanners on the other hand typically offer drivers that connect automatically to Evernote. The scanner we used comes with a ‘Quick Menu’ which includes all settings necessary to connect to Evernote. Next to the scanner drivers all you need to install on your PC/Mac is Evernote.


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