Part 1: Evernote Notes

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Taking notes on paper is the past

Remember this? “May I please borrow a pen and a piece of paper? I need to make a note of this important information.”

With Evernote you can take notes on virtually any modern mobile device, save it to the Cloud instantly and continue working on it from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone at any time. And you can also share the document with colleagues or friends.

Here is how to do it:

  • After launching the Evernote app just tap on the (+) sign in the top right corner to create a note.
  • Enter a headline
  • Enter the relevant information in the text field.
  • If you like to select another notebook tap on the little (i) in the top right corner. Here you can choose another notebook, but also enter additional tags.
  • To add a photo to your note tap on the camera symbol.
  • To add a voice memo tap on the microphone symbol.
  • With “Close” you finish the note taking, the file will instantly sync to the Cloud and is from then on available on your other devices.


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